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FACT: Did you know that Google is THE most utilized search engine - with over 67% of all searches?
What is AdWords?
Benefits Of PPC Advertising On AdWords
  • Pinpoint Targeted - Your ads onlyshow to people who type in the keywords you choose and live in the geographic area you serve.
  • Smart Investment - Only pay when someone clicks to visit your site or calls the phone number in your ad (great for people on mobile devices).
  • Affordable - Start with a daily budget of as little as $10 per day.
  • Total Advertiser Control - Start, pause or change anything, anytime.
  • At-A-Glance Tracking - The user interface comes with a variety of tools to see how everything is performing.
  • Branding (secondary benefit) - Even if a user does not click your ad, your brand gets exposure... at no charge.
How AdWords Works
Two Things...

There are dozens of ways to advertise on the Internet, but only a few that work consistently.  AdWords is one of them.  In order to reap the rewards, however, you MUST do two things:

#1 - Get Started.  We cannot tell you how many businesses have commented to us that they wished they started using AdWords much earlier.

#2 - Set Up Your Account Correctly.  A properly set up and maintained account structure will perform exponentially better than one thrown up in haste.  Click on the blue button for step-by-step instructions.

"The Internet is here to stay and companies that maximize the
opportunities from it will stay ahead of the competition."

Need help?  Click the blue button below for step-by-step instructions... or the orange button to have us do it for you.

Google pioneered the pay-per-click (PPC) model in 2002 and has dominated online advertising ever since with their AdWords platform.   The genius lies in highly customizable features which give advertisers total control.  Click here for a inside look at how the bidding process works.

At Premium Web Services, we are proud be AdWords Certified Google Partners with over a decade of experience.  We have have created and maintained AdWords accounts for businesses with monthly advertising budgets of $300 to $100,000+ per month.  Click the orange button and see what we can do for you!

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